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Landlord–Tenant Disputes and Evictions

When the Landlord–Tenant relationship breaks down, it is important to have an attorney on your side that is familiar with New York’s demanding and specific Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law.  At Pomeroy, Armstrong & Casullo, LLP, we have successfully represented both landlords and tenants in the numerous Town Courts located throughout Cortland County as well as in the City Court of the City of Cortland. We have represented commercial and residential landlords of all sizes; whether you operate numerous rental units or just one, we will tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Through experience, our Landlord–Tenant attorneys have gained an understanding of the intricate nature of the Landlord–Tenant dispute process.  As each case directly impacts the business or personal life of our clients, you can expect that your case will receive the individual attention that it demands.  For an honest evaluation of your Landlord–Tenant dispute, call Pomeroy, Armstrong & Casullo, LLP.